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April 2014
Welcome to UnheadWords.
It's a place where new writers and writing
have been encouraged since 2004.

A spotlight on You and Your work
Unheardwords aim is to encourage, advise and support
new writers and new more.
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UnheardWords First Lifetime

retrospective - unheardwords

So what's it all been about and what's been shared along the way.

Unheardwords has been here and at work for ten years.
In 2004 we started out and in 2014, it feels like we're just starting out.
The world, meanwhile, has shifted digital gears - everything, everywhere - no more unheard words?...
Find out more, and visit the retrospective.

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The Adan Project (Walsal Library Event)
the adan project

Expect a blend of transatlantic harmonies -classical to cajon,

blues to folk from 2 ladies -"The Adan Project". Plus poetry and readings. 18 June 2014, 4.45pm-6.15pm, Walsall Central Library, Lichfield Street, Walsall, WS1 1TR, Contact: 01922 653121. Places limited so call to reserve. Courtesy Sonia Dixon...more

Bad Friday - Norman Samuda Smith

Interview with Norman Samuda Smith

In the 1980's Norman Samuda Smith sought to capture the lives and times of those living in his local community;

with the relaunch of his book, 'Bad Friday', I wanted to ask him about his views on the then and the now...more

sai (simon) murray interview

Creative and Always Busy

I didn't realise just how busy the poet, writer and graphic artist, Sai Murray was; but after I'd written up the list of activities and projects he'd provided, I was left in no doubt...more.

organisedyouth.tumblr organised youth project

Young Creatives and Future Historians

Organised Youth;

a group of young photographers, filmmakers, curators brought together by Photofusion’s Community Programme to create a visual, oral history archive of stories of the British Black Panther Movement...more.

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