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Shared: The Extreme Sport

The Extreme Sport - by Allison Mitchell

So yuh tink sky divin’ and bunjee jumpin’
are extreme?

When last you drive
pun dese roads?
Get behind dat wheel
an’ yuh takin’ yuh life
in yuh own hands.
If dey en out fuh a
Sunday drive
mekkin’ ev’ruhbody else
Dem is appearin’ outta nowhere.
I swear som’ dem car got jet engine
unda dey hood.

Yuh tink it is only dem udda cars
dat is de problem?
Yuh bes’ watch fuh dem mudders
wid dem pushchair.
Out it come inna de road
wid no warnin’
Som’ time I does tink dat
if you tek it wid ya,
dey wouldn’t miss it.

An’ wuh bout dem people walking de roads?
Dem is sure dey got road tax.
You is suppose ta read dem mind and
know dey is steppin’ inna de way o’ yuh car.
Yuh evah try tuh back-back yuh car?
Yuh is invisible to anudda drivuh.

Well, ‘nuff tuh say I not
int’rested in wuh yuh wan’ me go do
wid yuh on de holiday,
We goin’ by duh train an’ tek taxi.
I gonna sit back wid me eye close
an let de udda man go grey.

© Allison Mitchell, July 2006 (all rights reserved)