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Go down easy -  Maria G.

Shared: Go down easy

Its early summer evening
The sounds of summer
Tormenting my inner child
I am lonely, isolated
Misunderstood, neglected
My feelings are nothing but
Ammunition for your hate
I am weary, weak, washed out;
I bare the scars of a thousand
Vile words that meant to say
Something loving, meaningful
That meant to ask without fear
'will you come hold me tomorrow'
'Can we stop it before its too late'

They remain stuck tip of tongue
As I know when I need, want, cling
You let me down hard, fast, cruelly,
No compassion for my tears
No forgiveness for my plea's
Like a hyena you lay in wait
Hoping for the kill
Hungry for my innocence
Blood thirsty and crazy
To crush and devour...

Children's laughter outside
Dogs barking in play
Water splashing
Ice cream man tunes ringing
Music blared from cars,
Yet I sit inside
Watching perspiration
Run between my breasts
That are neglected of touch
Body aching for love
Head pounding
Smoking cigarette
After cigarette
Writing like 'Eliot'
To ease the pain
Monotony of days
Spent in isolation
Bittersweet memories
Of what was
Could have been
When I will rest
I wonder how you fail
-'you said soul mate'-
To feel my suffering
And not softly say
'we can go down easy'
Everything will be ok..

© Maria G., July 2007 (all rights reserved)

My style..."I guess it may come from reading a lot of modern poetry in books like 'staying alive and being alive', I love the beat generation writing and Charles Bukowski, while I like to write about experiences and from the heart, I love to include a little dry humour too."