Unheardwords of Writers of Colour

Gunshot - Karen plumb

Shared: Gunshot

A gunshot is heard

Altered lives flashing by
And in an instant,
It splinters hopes
And shatters dreams

A mother’s primal cry
Is audible and
Blood sprays everywhere:
End of the beginning
Or beginning of the end
You choose!

Time’s over before it’s begun
2 lives for the price of 1
Who’s job to measure the loss,
Weighin’ up heartache
Counting the cost?

A gunshot is heard
Ringing out the news
Makes me want to holler
Holding on tight
Treasures locked up
Keys out of sight

I forgot to say "I love you?"
Missed my chance to
Hug you tight
And listen to the problems
Stopped you sleeping in the night

The other side of
"I have a dream"
This beast, a living nightmare
Its appetite for young male lives
That we all seek to flee

A gunshot is heard
I weep for a Nation
Guardians of
Entrusted promises
First crushed, then powdered
And falling like dust

Memories taken out
Like best silver,
Polished till they shine
Reflecting pained expressions-
On faces resembling mine

We will never know
What could have been
Respect you
Sought to reclaim
Your loss, whose gain?
A mother’s grief, a people’s pain

And a gunshot is heard
Will you join me to silence the sound?

© Karen Plumb, 2007 (all rights reserved)

Karen, who also writes as KrPoet, has had work published in Sexual Attraction Revealed, edited by Nicole Moore, 2007, and has previously contributed to unheardwords. Former editorial Amazonian Angst.