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Honey Child - Marilyn Fairley

Shared: Honey Child

Honey Child…how dare you give me that look
You know the look ...uhm hum... that look
Like you’re sitting there asking yoself,
"What that old lady doing up there?"
"Shouldn’t she be at home watching the Discovery Channel or"
or brewing a nice hot cup of tea?"

I can look in yo eyes and see yo thoughts.
Wanta know what you’re thinking right now?
You’re thinking... "Who’s grandmother is that?"

Honey Child...let me tell you nine things, maybe ten
Where you’re trying to go, this old lady has already been
The hills, the valleys...and over the rainbow too!
I was there w-a-a-y-y before there was ever a "you"

I agree...these hips might not be as firm as before
And my coke bottle figure...gone...forever more
I agree with you baby...
There’s a lot of miles-s-s-s-s on this old body
And I’ve had my share of oil changes too.
But you see Honey Child...
There’s one BIG difference between me and you

You see, you sell yoself short when it comes to a man
You’ll do anything to try and get a ring on that hand
You’ll sacrifice your dignity, throw away your pride
You’ll even turn on your best girlfriend...to keep him satisfied.

And don’t be gettin mad-d-d-d-d at yo man,
Yes...he have the au-da-ci-ty
Why buy the cow sugar, when the milk...is...free

Honey Child...
You be dancing to music which refer to you as a b-i-t-c-h…and a whore
I saw a young lady the other day opening...his car door
She was proud as can be...to be standing by his side
Like a Heisman Trophy, he was her golden prize

She was half naked...and looked like she was high,
With the name "G-Dog", tattooed on her thigh.
All that fake gold...hanging from her chest.
With pink and blue hair...she looked a hot mess.

"G-Dog!" She called out his name
"What you want girl? You cramping my game."
"But G-Dog, you promised me a chicken box."
"You better get up off me woman, fo you get knocked out."

I shook my head in pity, as I continued on my way
Boy!...has times changed, since back in my day
A day when women were ladies-s-s
But we demanded that a man be a man
They were providers, protectors and they asked us for our hand.
They respected us, adored us and held us in high esteem
We were their angels, their babycakes, their sugar pie, and their queens.

We were real women...
and we knew our self-worth
No man was dragging us down to the dust of the earth
We didn’t degrade ourselves by showing all of our stuff
We let a man know - right from the start- when enough...was enough!

We were proud women...we took care of our homes
We didn’t disrespect our elders
Nor did we leave our children home alone
We had jobs, integrity, honor, and values
If a man wanted our body, baby he had to marry you!

But...yo man...Let me tell you about yo man
that dingy wife beater,
Dreads full of lint,
Pants hanging down to his knees
Never heard of a bank account.
Yo man be walking through our neighborhoods
Trying to look all ferocious
Walk up to him
Say "Excuse me...but can you spell

Honey child...you be round here starving yoself
Trying to stay all skinny and slim
For a man who won’t put AC in his car,
But he’ll go...buy...him...some...rims.

Ignoring your kids education, their home-training and all
And get mad-d-d-d-d if they ask you a question.
But will spend all day long
On yo Facebook Wall!

And don’t be gettin mad-d-d-d-d at yo man,
Yes...he have the au-da-ci-ty
Why buy the cow sugar, when the milk...is...free

And stop blowing up that man’s phone
Burning all yo pre-paid minutes
That man know yo number honey
Evidentally...he ain’t wit it.

And PLEASE! stop driving by his mama’s house
Hoping to get a peep
Of that good-for-nothing man
Child that thang is in there sleep.

In his little twin bunk bed...
Don’t try and tell me that he don’t
With his little Superman curtains and Batman sheets
And THIS! Is what YOU want?

And stop embarrassing yoself in public.
Thinking you "handling yo business-s-s"
Let him have that other woman
And offer her your condolence-e-e-e

And that EBT card...that’s in your purse
That’s so your chil...dren can eat.
Stop feeding them kids Roman Noodles, Fruit Loops and little Debbie Snack Cakes
Whiles he’s laid back with his tenderized,
char-grilled, well-done,...T-Bone Steak

It’s women like you that give us a bad name
All of our hard work...gone up in flames
We paved the path for you...all you had to do was walk in it
Now...because of you...we ALL...are having to pay the penance.

Girl you need to get yo priorities in order
What you want with a man who don’t have a quarter
He don’t work, he just out there slanging.
And yo 8 year old son
He’s a G’Dog in training.

Oh...and as for your little girl,
Who’s watching you with your..."Significant Other."
It won’t be long now Honey Child...
before you yoself...Will be...a grandmother.

Honey Child...do yoself a favor
Pull that skirt down
Tuck in those bulging breast
You’re only suppose to show him a "little bit"...honey
You make him wonder...about the rest

You need to tighten up yo game girl
Set yourself some goals
Kick that zero to the curb
And choose the higher road

Honey Child...Don’t settle for less
You are somebody
Knowledge is power
Education, the key
With God! by yo side
There ain’t nothing you can’t be

But if you choose...to ignore...this schooling
Just remember
Don’t be gettin mad at yo man...
Yes...he have the audacity
Why...buy the cow sugar, when the milk...is free

So Honey Child...I hope you’ve learned a thing or two
Stop crawling on your knees girl...
stand up...and make that man respect you.

You’re asking me how do you make yo man respect you?

It’s simple...
You can start...by making him BUY...that damn cow.

© Marilyn Fairley, 2011 (all rights reserved)