Unheardwords of Writers of Colour

A Likeness Bearing No Essence - Alfreda  Darden

Shared: A Likeness Bearing No Essence

I am in search of water to look at my reflections
because the mirror lies to me
Distorting means of existence and kindred ideals
That which should be civil liberties even has anomalies

My allegiance plays tricks on my conscience
and distorts what I see
This likeness of me permeates throughout society
but it is not me,

the only resemblance is its shell
the true me lives in a hell
to be free

Yes free, for there are many hells
life can be hell on earth
The fight for simple rights continues to be
The same as it was for those gone on before me

Repressing the oppressed now crosses boundaries
That people can be coerced is even A worse tragedy
To believe the essence of a people is shallow
Shows the fallacy of the powers that be

its only resemblance is its shell
the true power lives in a hell
to be free

No more need for confrontations and miss-directed energies
we are now and shall forever be of this land
an indivisible manifestation of a populace
Disguised as one but are really two nations

its only resemblance is its shell
the true nation lives in a hell
extricating itself
to be free

We do not need to disagree
About our forbearers fighting bravely
contributing to society, researching probabilities
opened the doors for endless possibilities

We shall face every obstacle that is placed
before us which attempts to disgrace
equalities of the human race
and borders itself on insanity instead of humanity

its only resemblance is its shell
the true sanity lives in a hell
destined to be free

© Alfreda Darden, October 2006 (all rights reserved)