Unheardwords of Writers of Colour

Sliver of Light - Sanjulo

Shared: Sliver of Light

gonna sit down one day
and write a poem
abt loving

abt seeing that
quick sliver of light
thru total darkness

And savouring it
when the conduit
is plugged.

one day,
gon' sit down
and let the litany of
the scattered,
but connected
good times
envelope me, bathe
me, coat me

sit right down, praise God
for allowing me to
be here,

to have the capacity
to love, to try my
damnedest to
keep my sense of values
in real perspective

and strive, to the height
of my ability,
to live according to
His Word, at the basic
foundation level

sit down,
write a pome
bout livin'

One day.

lovin' livin',
even when shit
ain't easy to love,
loving ain't easy
to live

being here, alive &
feeling, aware, going thru
experiencing confusion,
jumpin' thru hoops,
chasing rainbows

dealing with the
exquisite complexity
of loving


© Sanjulo, 2004 (all rights reserved)